Currently, off-road racing is largely dominated by large, heavy buggies. These characteristically run large engines in predesigned frames, resulting in a package that is not 100% optimised for the application. In addition to this, the high engine weight cascades into the weight of the frame and mechanicals, increasing component cost across the board.

S.R.E. plans to compete in the Australian Off Road Championship with a car that focuses on light weight, rather than outright power. By using technical experience gained in designing on-road race cars it is predicted that a bespoke chassis and suspension system will allow the SRE buggy to out-handle the competition. By applying aerospace engineering techniques, the buggy can be made light, strong and effective.

While the focus is on light weight, by no means does this restrict the car to being low on power. The vehicle will be powered by a Suzuki Hayabusa Motor, with a shade under 200 horsepower, with an expected dry power-to-weight ratio of 340hp/ton. To give an idea of some power to weight ratios, this is higher than a Chevrolet corvette or Lotus Exige S/C, and comparable to high end Porsches.

And this is of course all with the stock motor. It is expected that over the life of the vehicle the engine will receive upgrades that will significantly boost horsepower, with this engine known for being able to handle in excess of 300 horsepower without suffering mechanical issues.